Friday, April 29, 2011

Rebecca Rotzler's Letter to the Editor - Jason West will give us the most for our money

In trying economic times we are all being forced to think ahead and make the most of what we may have. Having attended all of the campaign debates for this mayoral election, I am happy to know that I will be casting a vote for the candidate who will give us “the most for our money,” Jason West. Having served as deputy mayor along with Jason, I already know that he has the vision, intelligence and compassion to serve us well. I am confident in his promise to work even harder than he did in his previous term. We will get the most for our money in that he will work full time as a mayor and will be fully accessible to village hall, and not just a signature on the checks.

I can attest to the wonderful things that took place during Mr. West’s tenure as mayor: The creation of GreenWorks and the Village Environmental Conservation Commission, reinstating the Ethics Commission, installing solar panels and reed beds, creating the Affordable Housing Law and Affordable Housing Board, bringing the fire station to OSHA code compliance, initiating the wetlands protection law, designating May 30 as our official Memorial Day, installing a policy to buy American-made village uniforms, televising Village Board meetings, moving meetings to a larger meeting room to allow for more public input, reinstating and granting loans to local businesses through the Revolving Loan Fund, expediting fire and rescue contracts, overseeing sidewalk renovations, completing a village transportation study and parking survey, procuring funding and overseeing the riverbed stabilization project, additional stop signs, safe speed limit and signage on Manheim, Hudson Waterway storm drain signage, mandatory carbon monoxide detectors in village residences, user-friendly website and with access to village documents, initiating much-needed sewer system renovations, and certainly not last nor least, a memorial site dedicated to “our” Floyd Patterson.

Please join me in voting for the candidate who is prepared to give us the most for our money. As Jason says, he loves the day-to-day workings of the village. Let’s put him to work!

Rebecca Rotzler

New Paltz

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