Tuesday, April 19, 2011

David Gilmore's Letter ot the Editor - A vote for Jason West

Considering those seeking to serve as mayor of the Village of New Paltz, I reflected on encounters with and observations of each one. I contemplated their actions, expressed interests and capability to think boldly and act practically to sustain and enhance this place. Jason West’s commitment to a structure of belonging and opportunity for all persons is clear. Mr. West’s actions on civil rights made New Paltz stronger. In the physical realm, Mr. West has acted consistently to foster a quality community. I am drawn to Jason’s interest in enhancing the street environment and providing traffic calming. Streets are public assets. Mr. West will ensure that we can use our streets more fully as civic space, in support of neighborhood quality and as places for recreation and mobility. Other policies Jason West pledges to act on will bolster the economy and leverage desirable investment. It is a good idea to form a gateway on Route 32 North and to infill and mix land uses in order to reinforce the economic base and the identity of that area. Thank you for voting for Jason West this May.

David Gilmour
New Paltz

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