Friday, April 22, 2011

Jonathan Wright's Letter to the Editor - Get out and vote on May 3

I was very excited the other night when I went to Woodland Pond and I saw so many good people, our friends and neighbors who are stepping up to lead our community by running for office in the Village of New Paltz elections on May 3. This has to be our biggest and most vibrant ballot of candidates in the nine years that I have lived in New Paltz. It is very encouraging. Thank you all for participating and taking ownership in our local government.

Those of you who know me, I think by now know that I am a straight shooter and I have the conviction for better government and better community. I volunteer my time on local projects and boards because I care that we leave the next generation with a better community and a better planet. These are foundational principles that were handed down to me by my father and my mother. “Always leave the campsite better than when you got there.”

We all have a basic understanding of many of the daunting situations before our community and our planet and we all mostly agree that something should be done proactively to make sure we pass it on to future generations with the hope for a better world, for a better tomorrow.

We tend to differ mostly on how we get there and on what exactly the role of the government is to do something about it; or in some cases if the government has a role. But I say this, the government is us and we are either an active part of it or we abdicate that privilege and that responsibility.

Stop yelling at the TV, the newspaper or the blog you just read. Get up off the couch and get down to the Village Hall and tell your board and your mayor that you want better local government. Look into the candidates who are up for election and see who you think is the best to lead us.

I personally am supporting Jason West for mayor and I am proud to say he is a friend of mine. He has the experience and the vision we need in our mayor. And more importantly, he looked me in the eye and told me that he knows that with all the good things he did while he was mayor the first time that he also made mistakes. And he also told me he can do better. Please join me and vote for Jason.

Peace and love New Paltz, get out and vote on May 3.

Jonathan Wright

New Paltz

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