Friday, April 29, 2011

Matt Flusser's Letter to the Editor - We need a leader like Jason West

I have lived in New Paltz for over 25 years. When Jason West first became mayor of New Paltz, it was a real time of great energy and hope for a better tomorrow. He helped make our community a very special place. Jason was fresh and young and filled with energy. He was thinking outside of the old-school box and looked at making changes that might have seemed risky at best; but, remember, sometimes without risk progress can only stagnate and even fester -- going nowhere and even at times, backwards.

Jason West now has decided to finish the quest for a better New Paltz. Older and wiser and more focused, we should support him and make him our mayor again. Now is a time when new ways and thoughts are needed. We can’t sit on our old ways, for this is not the old times. We must think about taking environmental and sustainable views to everything we do for our community. Important infrastructure and educational building must take place and we must have someone who has a unique open mind to lead these changes. Check out for a compilation of Jason’s vision called “100 Ideas for New Paltz.”

I for one want to have a New Paltz that is known throughout the country as one of those most amazing places to live in and visit -- a village with the greatest main street, the finest schools and amazing outdoor wonders; a place where biking and a pedestrian way of life is envied by others. A village that is known for its environmental and sustainable practices second to none! We must have a leader like Jason West whose dedication to these causes will be unparalleled, leading the way.

Vote for Jason West on May 3 for a New Paltz we can all be proud of together.

Matthew Flusser

New Paltz

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